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The Evelyn Burrow Museum Welcomes Artwork By Mississippi’s Bewey Bowden

January 10 – March 31, 2018

Known as the “Poppy Lady,” Bowden’s oil paintings are filled with colorful flora and fauna. She is considered one of Mississippi’s leading artists, with pieces on display in numerous public and private collections throughout at least 18 states in the nation.Known as the “Poppy Lady,” several of the pieces from the collection of Mississippi artist Bewey Bowden include floral themes. “Mrs. Bowden’s paintings are amazing,” said Evelyn Burrow Museum Director Donny Wilson. “We feel honored to be able to share her talent with our visitors and hope many people will come…

Evelyn Burrow Museum Exhibit Celebrates Artist Andy Warhol

August 29 – October 31, 2017

The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College welcomes a special exhibit featuring works celebrating American artist, director and producer Andy Warhol. “FIFTEEN MINUTES: Homage to Andy Warhol, an Exhibition of Sight and Sound” will be on display from August 29 to October 31 in the main gallery of the museum. The “FIFTEEN MINUTES” exhibition, which includes reflections on the legacy of Andy Warhol, was curated and produced by conceptual artist Jeff Gordon and painter Path Soong. It features both audio and visual artistry in its collection of silkscreen prints and original recordings. The audio works range …

Out Of The Depths

February 2017

The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College welcomes a new exhibit opening on Feb. 17 that presents two different views on current events in the Middle East. “Out of the Depths” is a joint exhibition of street photography and abstract painting, each showing the artists efforts in documenting life in the tumultuous region. The photographs are by Fadi BouKaram of Lebanon and the abstract paintings are by Joe Cory of Birmingham. Guest curator Canon Matt Schneider, a minister at the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, brought the exhibition together as…

Salute To Service: Commemorating America’s Military History From WWI To Present Day

November 2016

The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State is honored to present an exhibition commemorating America’s military service in the 21st Century in photographs and videography. Memorabilia to complement the exhibition is also on display, on loan from members of the community. The exhibition opened on Veterans Day and will continue through Pearl Harbor…

Exhibit Of Laura Willingham Walker Paintings

November 2016

Visitors to the Burrow Center for the Fine and Performing Arts at Wallace State Community College can enjoy the whimsy, humor and thoughtfulness of the paintings of Cullman artist Laura Willingham Walker. Presented by The Evelyn Burrow Museum, Walker’s work is on display in the Exhibit Hall of the Burrow Center, which is open during regular campus hours Monday through Saturday. The exhibit includes pieces from Walker’s…

The Evelyn Burrow Museum Welcomes Sculptors To “Rendezvous” Exhibition

August 2016

The work of more than dozen artists — including that of world-renowned sculptor Frank Fleming — will be joined together soon at The Evelyn Burrow Museum in an exhibit fittingly called “Rendezvous.” The 2016 Burrow Sculptors Invitational is the third installment of the annual summer event that shines a spotlight on the work of some of the most celebrated artists in the United States. The exhibit will run from Tuesday, August 2 through Friday, October 30 at The Evelyn Burrow Museum located on the campus of Wallace State…

Images Of Australia On Display At The Evelyn Burrow Museum

July 2016

Dozens of photographs by Australian photographer Anatole Zurrer are on display at The Evelyn Burrow Museum on the campus of Wallace State Community College. Based out of Sydney, Australia, Zurrer’s photography celebrates everything that is Australia, from photos of the Australian outback to city scenes, landmarks and everything in between. He is a graduate of the University of New South Wales…


Charlotte Cummings Memorial Sneaker Collection

January 2016

Robin Cummings will debut the Charlotte Cummings Memorial Sneaker Collection, and according to Cummings, this is “a dream come true.” Cummings’ collection includes 536 pairs of sneakers, 430 of which will be on display at the exhibit. “We have 12 complete sets of original Air Jordan shoes. We have complete collections of all colorways of the 7’s, 10’s, 11’s (except 1), 15’s (except 1) and 29’s. Our collection includes selected Kobe, KD and Lebron releases. We also have memorabilia displays of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley,…

Angels & Relics: From Florence Italy, to Florence, Alabama

November 2015

A new photography exhibit at The Evelyn Burrow Museum features the work of Steve Kinney and Kathy Hagood. “Angels & Relics: From Florence Italy, to Florence, Alabama” will be on display in the Exhibit Hall of the Burrow Center for Fine and Performing Arts through the end of the year. The photographers chose 60 of their favorite photographs “that celebrate exquisitely aged stone figures and vintage vehicles found and photographed primarily in the deep south, but also far beyond,” according to…


Fleeting Pleasures: Japanese Woodblock Prints From The Georgia Museum Of Art

October 2015

The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College is pleased to present “Fleeting Pleasures: Japanese Woodblock Prints from the Georgia Museum of Art” through December 10. Drawing from the outstanding collection of works on paper at the Georgia Museum of Art, this exhibition will provide a history and overview of Japanese woodblock prints or ukiyo-e, literally, pictures of the floating or fleeting world. As their name suggests, these landscapes, cityscapes and scenes of domestic life were intended to emphasize the impermanence and fleeting beauty of the world around us…


Evelyn Burrow Museum Hosting Sculptors Invitational Exhibition

July 2015

The work of 16 artists is on display during the 2015 Burrow Sculptors Invitational Exhibition at The Evelyn Burrow Museum. The exhibit will run through September 30 at the museum located in the Burrow Center for the Fine and Performing Arts at Wallace State Community College. “This will be the second year for the invitational exhibit, with the artists who exhibited the previous year helping to choose the artists on exhibit this year,” said museum director Donny Wilson. “We thought that would be a great way for them to pay it forward and introduce us to other talented artists…


National Watercolor Society Exhibit

July 2015

The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College will host the National Watercolor Society (NWS) 94th International Exhibition starting July 18. Dozens of watercolors will line the exhibit hall of the Burrow Center for Fine and Performing Arts for all to view. A Jury of Selection for the NWS who viewed nearly 850 entries from across the…


The Evelyn Burrow Museum Showing Work Of Folk Artists MoseT And Jerry Brown

May 2015

The work of one of the nation’s most renowned folk artists is on display at The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College. More than 90 pieces of artwork created by Mose Tolliver are on loan from the collection of Dr. R. Douglas Hawkins of Troy, Ala. Mose Tolliver was born on July 4 around 1920 (the exact year of his birth is unknown) in Pike County, near Montgomery. He was one of 12 children born to sharecroppers and only completed the third grade of school. The family moved to Macedonia in Pickens County before eventually…


Burrow Museum Showing Work Of Lacey’s Spring Artist

May 2015

If you were to create a mash-up (one new word created from two) to describe the artwork of Leslie Wood’s that is on display at The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College, it might be whimsineering. Combining whimsy with a touch of engineering, the dozens of pieces hanging in the Museum’s exhibit hall showcase…


Fine Art Photography Exhibition By Arden Ward Upton

April 2015

Upton uses the lens of her camera to convey the viewer into a world full of beauty, emotion, and sentiment. Whether photographing people, or in this case, horses, for her it has always been about the details. She seeks to make those details the focus of every image produced, immortalizing the essence of life as seen in intimate moments. “Equus”, her most recent collection, is the personification of her…

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The Evelyn Burrow Museum To Host Smithsonian’s ‘The Way We Worked’ Exhibit

February 2015

The Smithsonian Institution’s traveling exhibition “The Way We Worked” will make its next stop in Cullman County, settling in at The Evelyn Burrow Museum on the campus of Wallace State Community College in Hanceville from Feb. 10 to March 20. Expressly chosen by the Alabama Humanities Foundation to host “The Way We Worked” as part of the Museum on Main Street project, the Cullman area is one of only six communities in the…

‘Study Of Hands’ On Display At The Evelyn Burrow Museum

January 2015

Our hands tell a story. The lines, the scars, even the lack there of give a glimpse of a person’s character, evoke feelings, show a life of hard work and points out how people have made their mark on the world. An exhibit hosted by The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College features dozens of original paintings by Lee Nabors that…

New Exhibit Features Primitive Cigar Box Instruments

November 2014

The art of creating musical instruments out of common household objects dates back to before the Civil War. Around 100 examples of that art is now on display at The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville. The History of the Cigar Box Guitar From the Collection of William J. Jehle will be on exhibit Nov. 4, 2014, through January 15, 2015. Along with the stringed instruments there are also etchings from Edward Forbes’ “Life Studies of the Great Army,” depicting the lives of Civil War soldiers. At least one of those shows a…

Regional Sculptors Invitational Exhibit

July 2014

The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville, Ala., is hosting its first Regional Sculptors Invitational Exhibit. Acclaimed regional sculptors, including the world-renowned artist Nall, have lent the museum numerous pieces of artwork that range from metalwork and glass to wood and paper and more. “This is a marvelous show, and one that rivals exhibits at larger museums,” said Donny Wilson, director of the Evelyn Burrow Museum. “We’ve worked very hard to show a variety of mediums and artistic styles through this exhibit. The caliber of artists we’ve attracted is amazing and the pieces we have on display will have something to suit everyone’s taste…

A New Exhibition At The Burrow Museum Features Rural Farm Scenes

June 2014

Dozens of prints depicting rural life are now on display at the Burrow Museum in an exhibition entitled “Days Gone By.” The exhibition is on loan to the museum from Grover and Irma Reeves of Vinemont, who have been collecting prints that remind them of…

Wallace State Exhibit Spans Dersham’s 50 Years as Photographer

November 2013

The work of North Alabama photographer John Dersham is currently on display at Wallace State Community College, documenting 50 years of his life spent taking photos. Dersham’s work in black and white photography began when his father gifted him in 1960 with a Kodak Brownie camera he received from an Eastman Kodak promotion…

Audubon Exhibition

September 2013

Visitors to the Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College this month can take in the beauty and detailed artistry of 20 American birds illustrated by famed naturalist John James Audubon. Lithographs of the various works are on display at the museum and can be viewed free of charge from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Saturday through Sept. 30. Since Audubon is such a well-known artist, Wallace State seized the opportunity to exhibit the lithographs on loan from the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art in…

New Exhibition Of Pre-1900s Alabama Folk Pottery; 8th Annual Pottery Show To Be Held March 16

March 2013

The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College in Hanceville is hosting “Pre-1900’s Alabama Folk Pottery” through May 2013. This exhibition, one of the largest known exhibitions of 19th century Alabama pottery in recent history, features the pottery of Shelby, Autauga, Elmore, Blount, Perry, Tuscaloosa, Randolph, DeKalb and Cleburne counties, areas which have produced some of the most highly sought-after pottery from…

Burrow Museum Hosts “Scenes from Nature” Exhibition by Blount County Photographer Larry Clowdus

November 2012

Larry Clowdus, the photographer whose works are featured, hails from Blount County. He takes his subjects from flora and fauna as close as his backyard and as far away as the Grand Tetons. Bald eagles are frequently featured as are panoramic mountain scenes, and wildlife that only the most patient photographer could have captured on film. The exhibition features more than 70 breathtaking works…

Art that Worked

“Art that Worked: WPA Prints from the Amity Art Foundation”

August 2012

This exhibition, made possible by a grant from the Alabama Tourism Department and sponsored in part by the Wallace State Art Department, features more than 80 etchings and lithographs by Depression-era artists. Art that Worked. The WPA (Works Progress Administration) was created on May 6, 1935, as part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, providing work and economic relief to Americans suffering through the Great Depression. The Federal Art Project was one of the divisions of the WPA created under Federal Project One. Its primary goals were…

Wallace State’s Medical Assistant and Drafting programs complete first medical office collaboration project; “Designing Doctors’ Offices” exhibition currently on display in Burrow Center

May 2012

“I was overwhelmed with the results. It was absolutely fabulous to see students who had never met before come together from different departments and work hard towards a common goal,” said Wallace State’s Tracie Fuqua, Medical Assistant Program Director. “The students embraced the project, developed critical thinking skills and learned how to work together with people unfamiliar to them, knowing they were working on a project that was equally important to someone else. No one wanted to be let down.” Added Wallace State Drafting Instructor Kristi Bain: “This project was about student ownership and required each one to…

Motorcycling Alabama and The Photography of David Haynes, New Burrow Museum Exhibition Opening February 14, 2012

February 2012

As a professional photographer for more than 35 years, David Haynes’ work has included photojournalism, portrait and wedding photography, commercial and advertising photography. He now focuses primarily on black and white portrait photography, fine art photography, guiding photo excursions and teaching photographic technique. Haynes’ latest book, “Motorcycling Alabama: Fifty Ride Loops through the…

Wallace State’s Burrow Museum Hosts Jurgen Tarrasch Exhibition “Recollection and Pursuit”, Opening Reception Oct. 4, 2011

October 2011

According to Tarrasch, fresco painting has been particularly important in the development of his artistic expression. “Fresco inspired me to create different surfaces on my paintings. It could be rough like cross plaster, or very fine like polished part of a fresco layer, it is both in many cases. It is a very saturated and very transparent surface,” he said, which can even…”

Nov Ontos Retrospective: A Burrow Museum Special Exhibition on Display through September 15, 2012

August 2011

An Alabama native, Nov Ontos holds undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Civil Engineering from Alabama A&M, Architecture from Auburn University, and undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sculpture from Yale. He has taught in the Architecture Department of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y., and in several colleges in Alabama, and spent much of his professional life with a number of Architectural and Engineering firms in Alabama. He describes his creative process this…

Exhibit of Japanese Artwork on Loan from Birmingham Museum of Art

March 2011

The dual language Japanese-English catalog of these works was published in 1990 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Toppan Printing Company and the Japanese printing industry, which today is one of the most advanced in the world. The “Japanese Posters” exhibit will be on view at the Burrow Center through April 2. The catalog, now out of print, is also available for viewing…

Sharpton Retrospective on Exhibit at Wallace State’s Burrow Center in February 2011

February 2011

In his teens, Sharpton developed a tremendous wanderlust, spurred in part by his older brother’s enlistment in the Navy and his stories of adventure. So, on turning 17 in 1948, his parents signed enlistment papers and off to the Navy he also went. He was sent to boot camp at Great Lakes, Ill. and spent the hot days of that summer drilling and preparing for naval duty. His first assignment was on the USS Edisto, a new icebreaker stationed at the old shipyard in Boston, Mass.—at the foot of Bunker Hill near Old Ironsides. The most enjoyable experiences in his 20 year career in the Navy were spent on the Edisto. The science of icebreaking was new and the Edisto traveled to…

“Darkness into Life: Alabama Holocaust Survivors through Photography and Art.”

September – October 2010

In this sensitive assembly of photography by Becky Seitel and art by Mitzi J. Levin, viewers are provided intimate glimpses into the private memories of twenty Alabama Holocaust survivors. Seitel and Levin spent hours visiting each survivor and listening to their stories. The survivors began with their memories of life before occupation and imprisonment. Their stories continue with their lives in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile and Opelika. Both artists provide bold, thought-provoking and moving paintings and photographs with text explaining the personal…