‘Study of Hands’ on display at The Evelyn Burrow Museum

HANCEVILLE, Ala. — Our hands tell a story. The lines, the scars, even the lack thereof give a glimpse of a person’s character, evoke feelings, show a life of hard work and points out how people have made their mark on the world.

An exhibit hosted by The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State Community College features dozens of original paintings by Lee Nabors that asks the question: “How Have You Made Your Mark? A Study of Hands.” The exhibit is currently on display and will remain through March 20. It will run in conjunction with the Smithsonian’s “The Way Worked” exhibit, which will run from Feb. 10 through March 20.

“I found these paintings after seeing them on display at the Athens “The Way We Worked” exhibit,” said Museum Director Donny Wilson. “I jumped at the chance to show them in the Evelyn Burrow Museum as well.”

“This exhibit consists of approximately 50 oil paintings of the hands of amazing individuals,” Nabors describes on her website. “These people represent hundreds of others who go above and beyond in their professional and everyday life for the greater good. It’s a cross-section of what it takes to build a community. Because each person’s hand and handprint are uniquely theirs, I believe the hands are the symbol and thus the story of an individual’s life and work.”

A walk down the exhibit hall of the Burrow Center for the Fine and Performing Arts shows hands that care, hands that create, hands that nurture. There are images of artists, athletes, educators, musicians, a beauty queen, lawmakers and more.

While the Evelyn Burrow Museum is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, the “Study of Hands” exhibit is located in the Burrow exhibit hall and can be viewed anytime the building is open.

For more information, contact Wilson at 256.352.8457 or donny.wilson@wallacestate.edu, or visit Nabors’ website at www.LeeNabors.com.


#1 An oil painting titled “Lynn Fowler” is one of about 50 paintings by Decatur artist Lee Nabors on display at The Evelyn Burrow Museum now through March 20.

#2 “A Study of Hands” by Decatur artist Lee Nabors is on display at The Evelyn Burrow Museum through March 20.